Väinämöinen's ancient version Finland FinlandMod v1.1 by Kahkonen for Civ III (1.29f) does not include leaderhead anims. (v1.1) ~ 592 KB. (July/5/2003)
Leaderhead anims for v1.1: ~ 1,6 MB. (July/5/2003)

Korpisoturi Leader: vaka vanha Väinämöinen
Sp. unit: Korpisoturi (7/12/2) <changes> Infantry
Sciences: Religious & Scientific
Advances: Bronze working, warrior code

Why just these specialities? Please read readme.txt in zip file for all info.

What's new?
1.1 Diplomacy texts added; Fixed VA_flics
1.0 First public release.

Files included
Changed (remember to backup originals):
Civ3Mod.bic - added civ Finland and unit Korpisoturi
Art\units\units_32.pcx - added pic of Korpisoturi
Text\Civilopedia.txt - added civ Finland and unit Korpisoturi (texts)
Text\PediaIcons.txt - added civ Finland and unit Korpisoturi (paths)
Text\diplomacy.txt - added diplomacy texts for civ Finland

Art/flics/VA_*.flc - Finland-animations
Art/leaderheads/VA_*.pcx - Finland-faces (Anc: VA_01; Mid: B; Ind: C; Mod: D)
Art/advisors/VA_all.pcx - Finland-faces
Art\units\Korpisoturi\*.* - Korpisoturi-animations
Art\Civilopedia\Icons\units\66*.pcx - Korpisoturi
Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Races\Suomi*.pcx - Finland-faces

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